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Your College Papers Are Too Short? Learn How to Make Them Longer!

Your teachers have specific requirements about the papers they assign, so you have to make sure to meet all expectations within the given word limit. It’s easy to get rid of the unnecessary parts when you exceed a specific number of words, but how can you solve the problem when your paper is too short? Repeating the same information with paraphrased sentences is out of the question; that would dilute your arguments.

Follow the following tips to add more length to the paper, while making it better at the same time.

1. Don’t try to do the “font trick”
You can add some visual length to your paper if you change the font or adjust the page margins and line spacing. Students have been doing these tricks for ages without realizing that they don’t achieve anything with them. Your focus should be on adding content.

2. Add examples
If you support your arguments with real examples, you’ll not only add words, but quality as well. You can make the paper more believable when you show how your claims are implemented into practice.

3. Add few quotations
This is an easy way to make the paper longer. Of course, you’ll need to insert verifiable quotations relevant to the thesis you are elaborating. Don’t forget to discuss the quotations with your own words; they shouldn’t be simply inserted into the content.

4. Improve the structure of the paragraphs
Each paragraph of an essay should contain a topic sentence, supporting evidence, and a transition/concluding statement. Make sure this structure is present in all paragraphs. If you notice any gaps, add more information to make the paper better and longer.

5. You need a balance between the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.
Is one of your paragraphs shorter than the others? That’s where you need to add more sentences. The visual appeal of the content is not of crucial importance, but it instantly informs your professor about the quality of the different arguments you expose. It is very important to write a strong introduction, a believable thesis, and motivating conclusion. Pay a lot of attention to these parts of your paper, since they form the foundation of the overall grade.

6. Add counterarguments
If you want to add quality while making the paper longer, make sure to inform the reader about the opposing point of view. Addressing some counterarguments will make your own statements more convincing. Your professor will appreciate receiving well-researched content that covers all bases.

Do Not Sacrifice Quality for the Sake of Quantity!

Students make a common mistake when trying to meet the word count requirements: they write inconsequential, confusing arguments. The only way to meet your teacher’s requirements is to include sound arguments supported by examples and facts. If you conduct a solid research, you won’t have any troubles meeting the required length.