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Top 10 Essay Writing Tips

Writing your essay is not so hard once you have a bit of practice, but it is a good idea to get a little advice so that you are not working harder than you should be. Here are ten tips you can use in order to create a better and more professionally written essay.

1 – Do the bulk of your research beforehand

Part of essay writing involves research, but if you do it all as you are working then half way through you may discover that your thesis holds less water than a colander, so it is better to do most of your research beforehand to avoid any breakdown in your writing.

2 – Write bullet point notes with page numbers attached

The best essay writing experts only make small notes that remind them of points. If they want further details or things they can quote then they write the URL down or add in a book name and page number so they can research and lift facts from that area later.

3 – Plan your essay

Many essay writing sites suggest that you plan your essay beforehand, and this is to make writing a lot easier. It also helps you to stay consistent throughout your essay and helps you move from one point to another in a more balanced manner.

4 – Write in modules that you can lift and place in different places

When you are writing your essay it is a good idea to do it in chunks. This makes essay writing a little easier because you can focus on one module very thoroughly before moving on to the next. It raises the overall quality of your essay for when you put it all together at the end.

5 – Research as you write to make sticking to the point easier

Most of your custom essay writing should involve doing your research at the beginning of the project, but that does not mean you should stop as you start writing. Use your notes to help you dig out more information as you write.

6 – Write mini conclusions at the end of each module/paragraph

This is what you should do if you want to create the best essay possible. The mini conclusions need to be removed at the end so you can put them together to make your final conclusion at the end.

7 – Remember that supporting evidence means references these days
When you are essay writing you need to add in references so that you can prove your information via where you got it from. Reference as much as you can in order to get the higher grades.

8 – Complete the conclusion with the help of your mini conclusions

All of the mini conclusions you wrote should now be mushed together to create the bulk of your conclusion. This helps to ensure that no big points are missed from your essay body.

9 – Relate your conclusion to your thesis from the get go

At the very start of your conclusion you need to recall your thesis and then make a statement noting if you proved it, disproved it, or if it is still an unknown.

10 – Dissect your essay at the end and proofread in sections

Do not try to bulk proofread your essay because you will start skim reading. Section up your essay and concentrate on a bit at a time until it is perfect.