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Stages of Essay Writing

Essay writing involves some essential steps that must be followed every time a student wants to create a new paper. The writing process is not that easy, but once you have become acquainted with it, you can complete a paper much faster and much better. Read this article and see which stages of essay writing must be respected. Learn them by heart and improve your papers as soon as possible!

Topic selection

This is the first decision that you must make about your future essay. Think about an interesting and modern topic, something that can benefit from your personal contribution. Do not settle with a general issue or with something out of date. Dare to explore new fields and to come up with spectacular ideas. Professors appreciate brilliant minds that think outside the box.

Topic analysis

Once you have chosen the right topic, it is time for a thorough research. Gather as much information as you can and learn everything about this subject. It is essential to know all the aspects of a problem before starting to write about it. After the research is done, think for your own:

  • What is your opinion about the things learned?
  • What do you think is right or wrong?
  • What would you do to change things for better?
  • How would you do that?
  • What will be the consequences?
  • Brainstorming key ideas

Now you must find strong words and expressions that are to be used inside the text. You need them in order to create a clear and persuasive paper. Make a list with these words and then choose only the most relevant ones. Decide in which part of the paper you are going to use each of them. This method will help you stay focused and organized.

Making a ghost plan

It is essential to create a ghost plan for your future essay. In this way, you will know what to write in each part of the paper – introduction, body and conclusion. Just state the parts of the paper and the ideas that are to be included in each of them. It is not that difficult and it will help you create a clear structure.

Writing the actual essay

It is only now that you can start writing the actual paper. Respect the key words and the ghost plan, and things should go smoothly. As much as you may be tempted to get lost in details or to add more and more ideas, remember to stick to the initial plan. Otherwise, your paper will be chaotic and meaningless.


If professors didn’t ask for a certain formatting style, choose the one you are most comfortable with and apply it to the whole essay. Do not mix up many different formatting styles! Just pick one and stick to it!


This final step is very important. Carefully read the entire paper again and correct any mistake that you encounter. This process can save you from a bad grade!

As you have seen, essay writing requires many steps. It is possible not to succeed from the first time, but remember that practicing makes it perfect!