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Popular Essay Topics

Popular essay topics may seem like something to be avoided if you are in college or university, but you have to look at the situation your professors are in. they have to mark hundreds of essays per year. To you it may be a life changing grade, but to them it is just more work. If you come up with a new and interesting essay topic then there is a chance your professor will be impressed and mark you higher. There is also a chance that your overwork professor will resent a deviation away from the norm that results in more work, so may grade you downwards.

There is also the fact that you can compete with other students if you use a popular essay topic. In a pie contest, you may have a lot of apple pie, but only the tastiest is remembered. You can show your own excellence by being compared to your fellow students. If you do not want to compete with your fellow students, then make sure your work is correct before trying to make it exciting.

Definition essay topics

There is a lot of scope for topics in this area because there are a lot of things in the world that you can define. Here are a few topics you may wish to try:

Defining any sort of word is very popular
Defining the elements of a theory
Defining quantifiable data
Define the meaning of a plan or plan amendment

Descriptive essay topics

Just like definition essay topics, there is a lot of scope for variety, in fact there is probably more scope with a descriptive essay than any other because your choices are seemingly limitless. Still, you should choose something that is heavily related to your topic and something that your professor is aware of and/or has come in contact with.

The things going on in your college/university
Any element of the natural world
Political movements in your country
The things you have done

Argumentative essay topics

You should go for popular topics with most essays, but maybe not so much with argumentative essay topics. Your professor has probably read essays about abortion, capital punishment and the environment so much that he or she is bored of them. Try something slightly less popular in this case.

The pros and cons of current gaming systems
Does higher education matter as much these days?
Should footballers be paid so much?
Are school exams fair?

Persuasive essay topics

Go for something that you can present a lot of evidence for. In this case it is a good idea to have a nice full bibliography, and do not forget to inject massive helpings of logic into your essay. Do not try to be different in this case because you may find it hard to back your work with evidence and logic.

Driving should only be legal if you are over 20 years old
Euthanizing healthy animals is not a solution
Grown meat such as the Google burger will save the world
Old dogs can learn new tricks