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How to Write a Comparison Essay

A comparison essay is a type of writing where you will try to explain to the audience, or dwell on a topic by contrast (or by comparison). Within the essay you will focus on emphasizing similarities. For example, when you read a piece of writing where two top smartphones are being put side to side, that is basically a comparison or contrast type of writing. The main aim of the writing is to help the reader decide which phone to buy for instance. The two products or things might look the same or similar, yet there are certain features which set them apart.

How to Organize the Comparison Essay Structure

Let’s say you are writing about going on holiday to the seaside vs. going on holiday in the mountains. First, you will write an introductory paragraph and try to attract the reader’s attention, making him want to read more. Now, if you choose the Block style Organization which contains 4 paragraphs, your Comparison Essay should look like this

  • The introductory paragraph- where you will state that you will make a contrasting presentation of the benefits/drawbacks of choosing one destination or the other
  • Second paragraph- Going on vacation in the mountains- the benefits of fresh air, climbing, trekking but also disadvantages of being cold sometimes, getting tired by taking very long routes, eating canned food, not being able to swim, etc.
  • Third paragraph- going on vacation to the seaside- benefits of sunbathing, fresh seafood, swimming but also disadvantages such as days which might be too hot, sunburn danger, and so on
  • Fourth paragraph is the conclusion- now that you have contrasted the two types of vacationing, the reader is welcome to make his own decision based on personal benefits/disadvantages, etc.

The Importance of Research

If you want to create a truly impressive essay, you need to run a very good research. Take your time to read many magazine articles, and checking out different resources online. Regardless of what your topic will be, your comparison essay needs to be interesting to truly engage the reader. Therefore, invest quality time into research, take notes, brainstorm ideas and make the final writing piece a truly interesting one.

Tips for Writing the Perfect Comparison Essay

Before you get down to writing, you need to decide whether you will use the traditional Block style of comparison or point-by-point contrasting. Keep in mind to state your organization, which means you will first tell your readers what you will talk about in your essay, then tell them shortly about the main topic, and last tell the audience what you told them. Every professional essay will respect this guideline of stating the organization.

One extremely important rule is that after you write the essay, you will put it away. Let it “rest” for 24 hours, and then you should read it from the perspective of the reader (just like you are reading an essay written by someone else). Do you like it? Do you find it interesting? If no, it means it is time to rewrite it.

Keep in mind all these little guidelines when writing your Comparison Essay.