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How to Write a Classification Essay

There are many types of essay styles available, but Classification Essays are among the most difficult ones. These essays are quite challenging to write because you need to organize information in a very logical, consequent manner and concentrate everything within 1,500 words or sometimes even less. So let’s see some important key strategies you need to keep in mind when writing a Classification Essay.

What is a Classification Essay?

A Classification essay is a type of writing where you need to organize or sort things into certain categories. For example, if you write about the Top TV Shows in US, or The Most Beautiful Cars in the World, this is when you will create a classification essay.

In order to achieve effective classification within your essay you need to make sure you will sort the things into very effective categories, and that you will always give examples that fit nicely within that categorization. You should be careful to use only one single type of organizing principle, such as Top 10 Comedy TV Shows in the US, or The Most Beautiful Italian Cars, and so on.

Determining Categories for the Classification Essay

It is extremely important to determine very well the categories within your Classification Essay. You should be very thorough, clear and concise when setting up these categories. You don’t want to leave anything out, and try to stay away from fillers. Stay to the point, and engage the reader with short descriptive sentences and clear examples.

Name your categories carefully and try to include every important subcategory of a certain topic. For example if you are talking about the best Italian cars, you will include Maserati, Ferrari, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and so on but you obviously should not miss out makes like Lamborghini for example.

Always use a single principle of categorization

In order to make your essay flow nicely and engage the reader, you need to use one single categorization principle. For example, if you talk about best TV shows, you need to break down further the categorization. Do you want to write about the best comedy shows? Or maybe about the best hospital drama shows? You obviously cannot name 10 TV shows at random without having a clear categorization principle. You simply cannot put on the Top list Grey’s Anatomy with Modern Family. Both are outstanding TV shows with many awards won, but each of them belongs to a different category (medical drama vs. family comedy).

As you can easily note writing a Classification Essay is not the most tedious task in the world, as long as you pay attention to a few important rules. Take your time to brainstorm ideas, and always write classification essays on topics that you know very well, and topics that are truly interested in. Writing on a topic that is not so close to you might easily drive you into making mistakes or not being thorough enough. You want to give the reader the impression they are reading a nice classification essay written by someone who is really good on the topic.