How to Write a Persuasive Essay

What’s the purpose of persuasive essays?

When writing a persuasive (also known as argumentative) essay, you have to take a position on the given issue and write strong arguments that will convince the reader to take your stand as well. Put yourself in the role of a lawyer who argues pro or against a certain case and tries to persuade the jury to rule in their favor. [Read more…]

How to Write a Research Essay

What are research essays?

Today’s college system is practically based on academic writing, and research essays are among the most common assignments students get. This type of paper requires you to choose a topic (or take the one your professor assigned), conduct a thorough research and write well-structured content supported by academic and scientific evidence.
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How to Write a Personal Essay

What exactly is a personal essay?

To a certain extent, all essays you write are personal because they express your opinions on the given topics, as well as the effort you put into research and evaluation of different arguments. However, an actual personal essay relieves you from the commitment to make the discussion objective and consider different points of view. In this “looser” and more flexible assignment, the only thing that matters is your individual stand. [Read more…]

How to Write a Narrative Essay

What is a narrative essay?

If your professor assigned a narrative essay, you should be relieved. This paper should be presented as a story based on your personal experiences. Although narrative essays are difficult to write, they still enable you to write about something you are passionate about. After all, this type of assignment allows you to go deeper into your feelings and opinions, and tell the story you always wanted to release into the world. Take this paper as an opportunity to express yourself without having to persuade the reader that you are right. [Read more…]

How to Write a Literature Essay

What is a literature essay?

A literature essay, also known as literary analysis, elaborates a certain piece of writing and focuses on its essential elements. The purpose of this assignment is to examine the novel, poem, play or other work of literature and analyze its structure by breaking it down to the component parts. For example, a literature analysis of a short story requires you to identify its theme and explain how the author elaborates it throughout the story. This is a formal paper that shouldn’t be written in first person, so don’t use “I” or any slang throughout the content. [Read more…]

How To Write an Informal Essays

What is an informal essay?

Although informal essays are supposed to be written for pleasure, your professors love taking the enjoyment away by making this type of writing mandatory. Although the topic should be personal and based on your own experiences, you are still expected to deliver something thought-provoking. Other people’s expectations always create pressure, but this assignment allows you to forget all about them and put your own interests in the focus. [Read more…]

How to Write an Expository Essay

What is an expository essay?

Students are usually less intimidated by expository essays than by any other academic assignment they get. This is a rather simple type of paper that requires you to investigate and explain the subject, evaluate the evidence you have gathered and provide clear arguments of your own. Professors assign expository essays to see if their students have achieved a logical and straightforward manner of expression. [Read more…]

How to Write Exploratory Essay

What is an exploratory essay?

Your professors usually request argumentative essays, so you might get confused when you get another type of assignment. An exploratory essay requires a different approach, because you are not supposed to convince the reader of the authority of your thesis. In essence, exploratory writing means that you have to think about the problem imposed by the topic from different aspects, gather as much information as possible and bring the discussion to a logical conclusion that briefly presents your own opinion. [Read more…]

How to Write Definition Essay

What is a definition essay?

When your professor assigns a definition essay, the task may appear simple. As the term itself says, this type of assignment requires you to define a concept, word or term. However, things are not that simple. The paper has to be written in academic language and you need to support the content with verifiable facts, but provide your personal commentary as well. [Read more…]

Writing the Perfect Five Paragraph Essay

A five-paragraph essay is a classical composition format and a useful model for students who are starting to develop composition writing skills. The five paragraph essay model is composed of five sections: Introductory paragraph including the thesis statement, three body paragraphs that provide evidence and arguments in support of the thesis statement and a concluding paragraph that restates the thesis sentence and summarizes the arguments laid out in the essay and a concluding sentence that signals the discussion is completed. [Read more…]