Benefits of Boxing for the body

1. Increase body strength

When you do boxing, the swings that you do will work your upper arm and shoulder muscles, making your upper body strength increase.

When doing boxing, the position of the stance which is done with slightly bent knees can also train the back, leg, and middle body muscles.

By having this upper strength, you can be stronger at lifting heavy loads.

2. Good for the heart

Boxing can also be used as a cardio or aerobic exercise. This exercise is very good for the heart and can help lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

3. Relieves stress

Punching a bag, another target, or even the air will do a good job of relieving stress. With boxing, you will also become more confident and have more self-control, so that in carrying out daily activities, you can feel more relaxed.

4. Burn calories

Boxing does not make you walk far or move anywhere. However, the movements performed are very effective for burning calories.

Everyone’s calorie burn is different. Usually for women, a boxing session for an hour can burn about 400 calories, while men as much as 500 calories.

5. Improve focus

Cardio exercise is also considered good for the brain and can improve focus to eye and hand coordination. Because when doing boxing movements, your eyes will focus on one point and your hands will follow the instructions from the brain exactly.

In everyday life, this will make you more focused when doing something, because you are used to being trained while doing boxing.

6. Increase stamina

If done regularly, boxing can also increase stamina. So, you will not get tired easily during activities, including if you walk far or go up and down stairs.

7. Practice balance

One of the main benefits of boxing is to train balance. When doing boxing, there are movements that will improve your balance. Thus reducing the risk of injury.